Sometimes, you might want to send a notification to all users, e.g. in case of scheduled server downtime, or a software upgrade. CorA provides a plain server notification feature for this purpose.

To manage server notifications, change to the tab “Administration” while logged in to CorA with an administrator account.

  • Create a new server notification by clicking the “Add Notification” button at the top of the page. You can then specify a message type (currently, there is only “alert”), an expiration date, and the message itself. Click “Preview” to see how the message will appear to users, or submit the message.

Setting a server notification has the following effects:

  1. Users who are currently logged in to CorA will see the notification, usually within a minute or two.

  2. All users will see the notification once after they log in, for each time they log in.

  3. After the set expiration date, the notification will automatically be deleted and not shown to users anymore.

Server notification popups do not disappear automatically — the user has to actively acknowledge them by clicking on them. If there are multiple server notifications, only one will be shown at a time; the user has to close one before the next one will be shown.

You can delete existing notifications in the “Server Notifications” section of the admin page, by clicking on the red 'X' symbol after the notification’s entry.