To customize the editor, change to the tab “Settings” while logged in to CorA.

Here, you can:

  • Change your password by clicking on the respective button.

  • Configure the number of lines to be shown on a page. For sake of clarity, the editor only displays a certain number of lines at once. Also, to provide some context when annotating, the editor can repeat the last few lines of a page at the beginning of the next one (“overlapping lines”). You can customize both of these values here, then click “Confirm line settings”.

    (Note: A high number of lines per page may slow down your browser significantly. Change to a lower value in case you experience performance issues.)

  • Hide/show certain columns in the editor. Uncheck a box to hide the respective column in the editor table. While you’ve opened a document, only columns present in that document will be shown here.

  • Customize the horizontal text preview. Choose if you want to see the “trans” or “utf” representation of tokens in the text preview field, or turn the preview window off.

  • Toggle highlighting of problematic tags. When turned on, tags marked as “needing correction” will be highlighted with a red border in the editor.