Everyone who wants to access your CorA instance needs their own user account. Currently, user accounts need to be created individually by an administrator – is not possible for new users to create an account themselves.


Do not share accounts! In particular, do not use the same account simultaneously on multiple machines or in multiple browsers! Doing so can lead to erratic and unexpected behaviour.

To manage user accounts, change to the tab “Administration” while logged in to CorA with an administrator account.

  • Create a new user account by clicking the “Add User” button at the top of the page. The system will prompt for a username and password (the latter of which can be changed by the user once he logs in).

You can manage existing users in the “User Management” section of the admin page. You can sort the table by clicking on the headers, e.g. to quickly see which users have logged in recently.

Here, you can:

  • View last activity and currently opened document for each user. Last activity is the time of the most recent server request by a given user; this means that the user has CorA opened in his/her browser and is logged in, but doesn’t necessarily mean that the user is actually actively working within CorA.

  • Toggle administrator rights for a user. If an account has administrator access, a green checkmark appears in the “Admin” column. Click on it or on the empty space to toggle administrator rights. (Only administrator accounts can access content on the “Administration” tab, and create/manage other user accounts, projects, tagsets, external annotators, and server notifications. Additionally, administrator accounts can always access all projects and texts, regardless of the project-specific access settings.)

  • Change e-mail addresses, notes, and passwords for users by clicking on “Options…”. The e-mail address is currently not used by CorA in any way, but this might be implemented at a later stage. Likewise, setting a “note” for a user is purely for informational purposes. Users cannot see the notes you’ve assigned to them.

  • Delete a user account by clicking on the red 'X' symbol at the end of the row. Be careful, this action currently cannot be undone!

If you want your users to be able to do anything meaningful in CorA, you have to assign them to projects first. Users will only able to view or edit documents in projects that they’ve been assigned to.